Current market data trends show that people are becoming much more inclined to watch videos than to actually read an article on the same topic. With this information in mind, a successful video marketing strategy should reflect these statistics.

How many times have you clicked an interesting article on a social media platform, but only watched the video provided instead of reading the text? Guilty. For most people in this day and age, if there’s an option to hear about or watch something, that is preferred over reading.

Although this may seem like more work to reach your audience, it’s actually a huge opportunity. It’s proven that humans gain exponentially more understanding on a topic when audio, video, or multiple combinations of platforms are combined. That’s why video marketing is becoming such a prominent focus for businesses to reach consumers.

It’s no secret that online video marketing is connecting to billions of people all over the world. ReelSEO stated that in June 2015 alone, videos uploaded to YouTube generated over 46.3 billion views, both organic and paid. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your video marketing strategy!



Get others involved. Get creative. Create something that will be visually appealing to the audience. It’s better to have more brains thinking and throwing in ideas instead of just one. Brainstorm and channel some serious greatness!

Five Second Rule.

To really stimulate and grasp the viewer’s attention, follow what we like to call the 5 second rule. Don’t let a clip last longer than 5 seconds without changing in some way. If you’re on the same frame, give it a zoom effect or change camera angles so you don’t bore the audience. They will be more engaged and are more likely to keep watching if you change things up.


Instigate emotion from the viewer. When people watch your videos, they should feel something. Not only should the viewer establish a sense of longing for the product that you’re promoting in the video, but they should also feel as though they are getting to know you on a personal level. So, make sure to seem approachable and make your audience want to trust you and want your product!

Get Personable.

Use a video marketing strategy that will help your product or business become relatable. People are more likely to purchase something when they feel it is relevant to their individual lifestyle.

Influence and Inspire.

For a video to gain attention, there typically is a piece of the video that is inspiring. Something needs to influence the viewer to take a moment and ponder how what you’re selling is going to better their lives. You want your viewers to really internalize the content you are providing.

In a nutshell, brainstorm ideas, keep the video engaging, appeal to human ethos, and make it relevant and inspirational! That is the formula for a great video that will convert leads to sales.