Who loves candy? Apparently Americans do, since we buy approximately 598 million pounds of candy during Halloween each year, costing us about 2.3 billion dollars. So, how do we end up spending such a large amount of money on candy each year? Marketing plays a big role in this, as Halloween has now become the fourth most popular holiday in the United States.


The marketing strategies that the candy industry uses are diverse and have proven to be effective, as they have helped transform candy into a cherished treat.


Here are the Top Five Candy Marketing Strategies that are being used this Halloween

Holiday Themed

A big part of marketing a product is the packaging. The candy companies use packaging that appeals to their consumers. Holiday themed candy is used during Halloween and we see chocolates shaped as pumpkins, and all wrappers are suddenly orange.



The candy industry knows that in order to increase their sales they must adapt their product to the current need. During Halloween, nearly 72.2% of Americans will hand out candy.  People are looking for candy that can easily be passed out, and for that reason, candy companies make bite-sized candy. Adapting your product or service to meet a current demand is crucial to the success of your business.

Online Marketing

Hershey’s is an example of a company that continues to market their product, even though it’s been around since the early 1900s. Marketing a product is not only necessary for wanting to increase sales, but also to maintain consistent loyal consumers. Hershey’s continues to market because they want to remain one of America’s favorite candies. One of their marketing strategies is to market their product through Facebook, Pinterest, and other popular social media platforms.


Healthier Options  

As we all know, eating too many sugary treats is not the healthiest choice. Candy companies are working to provide somewhat healthier options, with the increase in health-conscious Americans.  This Halloween you will see candies infused with Vitamin B, antioxidants, and even sugar-free sweets. Candy makers are also advertising their vegan, gluten free, and allergen free candy for those with dietary restrictions and lifestyles.


Seasonal Products

The candy industry develops new products each year that are only for the Halloween season. This is a great marketing strategy, as it encourages consumers to buy candy that only comes out once a year. For example, Candy Apple twizzlers, Pumpkin Spice Hershey’s Kisses, and Candy Corn Crème Bars are all marketed as “limited editions” which encourages the consumer to buy it while they can. This creates a sort of Call-to-Action that communicates a sense of urgency and exclusivity that will make customers feel like they are part of something special and elite.


These marketing strategies that the candy industry uses can teach us a few things for our businesses. Whether it’s adapting your product to meet current demand, or developing new products to reach a broader audience, these strategies can help your company reach greater success if they are implemented into your business model.



Remember to continue promoting your brand in creative ways, and keep up with market trends, as it will help you achieve greater success.