Throughout October, there will be a plethora of pink ribbon in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The breast cancer movement raises awareness and provides emotional and financial support to those affected by breast cancer. This movement has become internationally recognized and celebrated and has proven to be successful due to how integrated into daily life it has become.


The marketing strategies that this movement uses are simple, yet highly effective and can teach us a few things to consider for our own businesses.


Here are some of the strategies that the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign uses.

4279865678_49fc70746e_zBranding a color
Choose a color to represent your business. Pink is their chosen color and ca be seen everywhere, on ribbons, posters, and T-shirts. It promotes the breast cancer brand and expresses moral support for women with breast cancer.


Brand marketing logo
A logo allows others to simply identify your product or business. Have a brand marketing logo that represents your company, to help market your business. The pink ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness.


Raising awareness through unique media content

It’s important to distribute media content that is informative, relevant and useful for your clients. The breast cancer movement regularly releases messages that raise awareness and provide support.


Social media marketing

It’s imperative to use social media as a marketing strategy. It provides a platform for your business and gives a voice to your company. Many breast cancer campaigns use social media as their primary form of raising awareness.



Pens, mugs, stickers and more can be used to promote your business. Pink breast cancer awareness merchandise is used to support the movement.


Raising awareness

It is essential to make others aware about your business. Implement different marketing strategies to let others know what service or products you provide. “Race For The Cure” is an example of how the movement raises breast cancer awareness.


Reaching broader audience

By reaching a broader audience you increase your brand’s exposure.  Social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook  are important avenues to reach new audiences. The breast cancer movement raises awareness not only for women, but also for men and teens. An example of this is the brand partnering with NFL, which is a male dominated industry.


Partnering with Companies

As the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign did with the NFL, it is crucial to establish some partnerships in the business realm. Grow your company base and improve your business by having strategic partnerships that will represent your brand and have common ground. The movement partners with major companies such as Yoplait, Ford, and The North Face to increase awareness and raise funds for the cause.


These are some of the most widely used and successful marketing strategies that the movement uses to promote their brand.  Reach your maximum potential by implementing some of these marketing strategies to promote your business. Be consistent, persistent and you will obtain great results.