Gone are the days where it was ever in question whether or not social media delivered results. We’re officially in the era where we have real stats and information on the magical and no longer mysterious entity of social media. Basically, if you have been investing time and money into social media for your business, you should keep doing so, and if you haven’t been, you should start. Here are a few important social media trends to know for marketing in 2015.

USED Social Media Marketing


Although YouTube has been out for ages, that does not mean that it’s losing any momentum. In fact, most marketers are seeking to improve their YouTube skills and understanding. On top of that, even more marketers are planning on increasing the amount and quality of content they’re uploading to YouTube for business. For more information on YouTube marketing tips, check out our blog on video marketing tips.

Native Video.


By native, we mean that people are uploading their own videos rather than linking out to another site that’s hosting it (i.e., Vimeo). This means that people are creating and sharing more personal videos and embedding them into each individual social media platforms rather than taking viewers elsewhere to watch them. The idea is to keep people on your site rather than sending them to YouTube.



It may seem as though Facebook is slowly dying in its relevance factor. However, that’s really not the case at all. Out of any other platform, Facebook is used the most for marketing purposes. In all actuality, Facebook is actually growing. Most marketing experts are looking to either increase their budgets for Facebook advertising, or want to strategize it more, or both.



In this day in age, businesses ranging from start up companies to brand names such as Banana Republic and Urban Outfitters utilize Instagram to increase their customer and viewer base. Instagram is known to have an innovative and edgy marketing platform that a lot of companies are taking advantage of. With the current 300 million (and growing) Instagram users, it is without question that businesses will be able to successfully gain popularity and build connections with their followers.



LinkedIn is a continuously growing outlet in today’s millennial marketing force. LinkedIn is very beneficial amongst companies who are focused on B2B marketing and are looking to gain more connections to build their network. Aside from businesses, LinkedIn poses as a successful and popular outlet for the younger generation which includes college students looking for jobs as well as start up companies aiming to network.

If you want to tap into the power of social media to help market your company, social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram aim to continuously help multiple businesses market to their target audience. All it takes is a little time and effort to create your ideal image for your brand. Consistency in messaging across all platforms, including social media, facilitates credibility and establishes your position as the expert of your industry.