There are many marketing strategies that companies use to promote their brand. Successful companies recognize the importance of choosing the right words to promote their content and maximize their results. They realize that their choice of words makes the difference between someone accepting or denying their message. The keywords that companies use to optimize their message are called power words.

Power words can inspire, persuade, and influence. It’s the use of a few power words that can help your business thrive on social media. For that reason, it’s essential to learn why power words are of vital importance and how you can implement them into your message to achieve greater business success. 

Why: Power words can trigger emotions in our brains and have the potential of empowering people to action. It has been proven that using power words for a year can increase your sales. For that reason, the use of power words in your marketing strategy are incredibly important, as they can have a dramatic effect on your business revenue.


How can you start incorporating power words into your social media marketing? 



Know your audience 

Who are you trying to reach? Use power words that your audience can identify with, so they feel you are personally talking to them rather than talking to a crowd.


Start with the end in mind  

What feelings do you want your audience to feel and what actions do you desire them to take? Power words can help you tap into your readers’ emotions and can motivate your audience to take action.


Let your words be a powerful sales engine 

    • Some words hold more power on our decision making than others. So choose the right words, because it does make a difference.
    • Use power words in headlines, bullet points and subject lines.
    • Using power words will not only make your company stand out, but it is crucial to make those actual words stand out as well in the content.
    • Use them sparingly throughout your writing. In other words, choose wisely which power words you want to use so that they have impact. If you simply fire off five strong words in a single sentence, they will lose meaning.

Learn more power words 

    • Simply enter ‘power words’ into your search engine, and you will see lists of power words you can use to optimize your content.
    • Check out some great power words here.

Remember that power words can assist you in your marketing strategy and can increase your business revenue. They will turn your ordinary statement into an inspiring and persuasive message .