Accelerator Program for local bands and artists launches San Diego

For many musicians, there is a distinct moment in time where they are faced with working on promoting their band, music and no longer making music. 85-90% of records released by labels never recoup and that a label’’s fail rate is 9 out of 10 of bands. How then, does a musician, artist or band with limited resources garner high level Strategy and Mentorship for Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media & Business Operations?

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My passion is to serve other artists and musicians to truly realize their dreams… and make money while doing it. As a singer, songwriter and the frontman of an award-winning band, making music to fulfill my dreams was my entire focus from the beginning. However, making music didn’t necessarily mean that I could make money simultaneously… until I found a team of professionals who knew the music industry and business. I want my lessons to buyout benefit and share OMNI Fan with you. You make the music; OMNI Fan shows you how to make money with social media, business strategy and setting up your brand and band to make money.  Connect with me below and I’ll send you some information on how to get started!

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