Calls-to-action (CTAs) are one of the most widely used and successful marketing strategies, that can transform your business and help you obtain the results you want. A call-to-action is usually an image with a short amount of text that prompts others to take the next step. It’s a way to engage with your audience and inspire them to take action through a powerful and compelling message. Your call-to-action can be placed anywhere from in your email signature, in social media posts, on your website website, and even in your blogs.




Use these tips to make your call-to-action an offer they can’t refuse.



Tip 1 : Know Your Ultimate Goal. Do you want them to buy a product? Attend a meeting? Sign up for something? Download information? Knowing your goal will help you make your CTA unique, effective, and is appropriate for your content.


Tip 2 : Make Your Call-to-Action C&C.
Clear and concise, but also cool and catchy. An effective call-to-action is short, anywhere between two and five words. Things like, “Sign up for our newsletter!” or “Meet the team,” encourage a specific action from users. Words choice matters, so choose words that will add value to your content. Here are some great examples of calls-to-action that we love!


Tip 3 : Use Urgent Language.
Create a sense of urgency with the action you want your audience to take. Almost to the point where they think the time for action is now or never.


Tip 4 : Keep Your Calls-to-Action Highly Visible.
Be creative and design your content in a way that the call-to-action stands out. Make the CTA obvious that you capture your reader’s attention and they know exactly what to do next. Use high contrast colors and don’t clutter information. Play with sizes, colors, backgrounds, graphics and placement to make your CTAs eye catchy and help you maximize results.


Tip 5 : Place Calls-to-Action “Above The Fold.”

In an email, the content that appears without needing to scroll down is considered “above the fold.” 72% of people click when it’s above the fold in comparison to 47% when it’s below the fold. Include your CTA above the fold to capture as many clicks as possible.


Tip 6 : Repeat Your Call-to-Action.

Reiterating what you want the reader to do is essential. Plus, it’s a simple and effective way to get through to your audience one last time.


Adding calls-to-action to your content will help you achieve your business goals and ultimately optimize your company’s success. Obtain measurable results by making your call-to-action an offer they can’t refuse.