Can you believe we are three weeks away from welcoming the New Year? This year is about to end, and right now is the time when companies are analyzing their results for the year and are diligently planning and developing new strategies for 2016.

End of the year marketing is EXTREMELY important, so before we focus all of our attention on 2016, let’s live in the present and prepare a GRAND end of the year marketing finale for 2015.  


Here are 4 strategies to include in your GRAND end of the year marketing finale

Fireworks Composite A composite of several exposures from the fireworks show tonight in my town.



1. Content Repurposing

Throughout the year you put out a lot of good content. Determine what is YOUR BEST content that drove in the most traffic and sales, and present it in a different way. Reformatting content has great benefits and it will make your content go the extra mile. Sharing information in different formats will appeal to people with different learning styles and will help you reach a broader audience. It will also save you time from researching and it will give you the opportunity to get more out of the great work you already did.


2. Client Appreciation

It’s important to show your gratitude to the people that have kept you in business all year long. Clients love feeling like they are important and appreciated, so take this time to show them some love. Send out an email, video, or even a special promotion that says “thank you” for your business.


3. Holiday Discount

Offering a holiday discount can help you reach your end of the year goals. People like saving money, so you don’t have to be a business that sells gifts in order to offer a holiday promotion. Be creative with your holiday discount and remember that it’s your opportunity to gain some loyal customers.


4. Wrap Up 2015 And Give a Sneak Peak into 2016

Send out a video or email recapping some of your business’s greatest moments in 2015 and give your clients a sneak peak into what you have coming for 2016.  This will help clients remember what they’ve been a part of, and will also help build anticipation for 2016.


Yes, it’s true that you must plan ahead for the upcoming year, but it’s equally important to keep your marketing efforts strong in these last weeks of 2015. Maintain consistent and ongoing communication with your clients during the final quarter, otherwise it may be difficult to regain your clients’ attention at the beginning of next year.


Remember 2015 is not over, till it’s over. So use these strategies in your GRAND end of the year marketing finale for 2015 and obtain great results!!!!