Human behavior is what drives sales.  And action based on numbers… yes, numbers and data.

Two of San Diego’s Finest Strategic Marketing & Analytical Minds offered learning tips and tricks this month so YOU can use to plan for your business in 2017.

Attendees walked away with the actionable plans that are relevant to their business equipping them to make 2017 a successful and profitable year for their business!

Maresa Friedmascreenshot-2016-11-18-09-24-29n, the Executive Cat Herder makes it plain and simple… your data can lie to you so how your read and process your data directly affects your ability to tell your story. Telling the right story is telling them the story your customers care about.

screenshot-2016-11-18-09-12-26Vivi Lin, Social Behaviorist for OMNI Creative Labs, breaks the data into story-telling strategies that modify your customer’s behavior to directly affect your brand awareness and most importantly, your bottom line.

Reach out to OMNI Creative Labs  or  contact us at to request YOUR copy of the SWOT analysis and Content Strategy Calendar. Start 2017 off with the RIGHT data to create strong and effective business and marketing strategies.