Athlete branding and athlete marketing are essential to an athlete’s career. It can MAXIMIZE their appeal to companies and fans as it displays their unique traits, athletic skills, and personality. Like we mentioned in our blog Athlete Brand Management, “an athlete’s personal brand outside of the franchised team is just like a brand for any company. It needs to be strategized, executed, and maintained.” Ben Roethlisberger also known as Big Ben is an American football quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He accurately displays himself as a brand and hence is successful with his athlete marketing.



Here are 3 GREAT strategies to create a solid athlete brand through effective athlete marketing (And yes, Big Ben does use them).


1. Website Having a personal website can help an athlete built a strong online presence and create a positive image, that displays their skill set and humanitarian accomplishments. Creating a simple, professional website does not need to cost a lot of money, but it does require time and website maintenance. For athlete websites to be successful they must include a profile section, an event calendar, and home page (include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram usernames on homepage). Also, having a photo gallery and highlight videos that display an athlete’s talent, will keep fans and recruiters well connected to them. Remember to make the website mobile friendly so that fans can easily access it on their phones. Take a look at Big Ben’s amazing website.

2.Wikipedia Having a Wikipedia page is another great athlete marketing strategy, as it provides viewers with insight into an athlete’s career and an inside look at their upbringing and their road to success. Updating the Wikipedia page with current information is important, since it’s one of the first things that pop up when an athlete’s name is searched. Click here to see Big Ben’s Wikipedia page. 

3. Social Media is definitely one of the most effective athlete marketing strategies. It can potentially reach thousands of people in just minutes, so it’s crucial that athletes take advantage of this platform and create a strong online presence through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Social media helps maintain fan interest and it creates a sense of connection since people can interact by “Liking” and “Sharing” posts. Check out what Big Ben is up to in his Twitter account

Stand out from the competition and use these 3 Athlete marketing strategies to grow your brand, increase your audience, and engage with your fans. Choose to promote and GROW your brand TODAY.